No Homework Heaven

No Homework Heaven. Sounds great right? A beautiful place where there is no homework and a girl is free to do as she chooses, cook, clean, knit. You might think this beautiful land only exists in a reality in which one has actually finished her homework, but alas, my No Homework Heaven exists right before an assignment is due and it has not yet been finished. But the creations that come out of my No Homework Heaven are equally as beautiful!

Today I present two of my favorite Pinterest found recipes! Spinach and Feta Turnovers, which I turn into more of a spinach pie and Baked Sweet Potato Fries! I have made these multiple times since I’ve moved to Milwaukee and hope to continue to make them. I did not have frozen spinach tonight so I used fresh spinach, we will see how this goes over as I am not sure if the frozen spinach I had was 10 oz or not. Here is the spinach pie pre-baking.


Here are my final creations during No Homework Heaven. They are not the healthiest options but they are healthier than some options! I love both of these recipes! Thanks much to the awesome people who provided these recipes. Links are provided at the bottom of the post. And now No Homework Heaven, I bid thee farewell. We have had some good and delicious times. I’m sure I will visit again either sometime next week or perhaps next semester. You never can tell…

IMG_0688 IMG_0695



Spinach and Feta Turnovers

Sweet Potato Fries

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